Seeking Gender Justice in a Globalizing Age

"Reilly has made a major substantive contribution to the fields of both gender and human rights with this book. Women's Human Rights records in rich detail and insightfully analyzes the origins and progress of the global movement for the human rights of women over the past three decades. Notable for its breadth of scope, lucid writing style, and principled argument for continued advocacy to realise this unfinished agenda, this book is a must-read for all concerned with the future of women's rights in the 21st century."
  Charlotte Bunch, Rutgers University

"Excellently researched, incisive and interesting. No contemporary account of the feminist movement and its project on women's human rights is complete without it."
  Norani Othman, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

"Reilly has written an excellent and important book. Written in a clear and accessible way, the books deals with complex theoretical and political issues that need to be understood by anyone who attempts to understand contemporary issues of women and feminism in a variety of 'local' settings throughout the world today."
  Nira Yuval-Davis, University of East London

"[A] landmark book . . . Essential" CHOICE